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Best Mediation in California

Mediation instead of Court. Premiere Successful Mediation Services

Mediation is the new tool for the more informed. Who wants to go through with a messy divorce, calling each other names, telling your personal attorney intimate details about your relationship, hoping to tell your divorce lawyer something they can use against your spouse in court?

Successful Mediation Services is the premiere Santa Barbara and Central Coast divorce mediator. SMS offers a wide range of helpful services.

Mediation does not replace the Family Law Attorney. Mediation is a process that helps the Family Law Attorney perform a service for their clients. The mediation process is quiet, professional, prompt and over with rather quickly. Many family law attorneys promote mediation as the modern-day divorce solution.

Divorce settlements are rarely about the fact that one cheated, the mother-in-law constantly interfered, the cheater is trying to explain that they were the cheated. This whole sewer of information that you spend hours conjuring up is an unnecessary emotional drain and a waste of time and money.

Mediation is the way to go. A well trained SMS Mediator will be good mediator, leader and guide. A person with national prominence will keep the couple on track and talking about the facts of who owns what and who earns what and who needs to have the children. Mediation can be a very quick and low cost, pain free route to go.

Mediation will be a very private proceeding. The outcome will be a marital settlement agreement filed with the court that does not disclose your assets, debts and personal details. The document submitted to the court will be a short version of the actual settlement agreement. There will be no public record of who said what, who blamed who.

Why spend 48 months going to 25 court and deposition appearances?

When you consider privacy the most important detail of your divorce proceeding. Mediation is  a quicker way to reach a settlement agreement, with a lower cost approach to divorce settlement.

When you reasonably consider all the factors you will choose Successful Mediation Services to be your guide to settling things and help in getting started on your new chapter in your life.

Successful Mediation Services has touched married lives all across the country. Though headquartered in Santa Barbara, we are not geographically limited to the Central Coast of California.

We are available to help high-net-worth individuals reach marriage settlement agreements. Corporate executives, movie industry, athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, professionals, construction industry, hospitality industry, manufacturing, software and technology persons. Many other hard-working individuals are turning to SMS, Successful Mediation Services as a guide to solving disputes and divorce matters. SMS is available to serve California with the referee, arbitration, and mediation services.

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