We want to make this a quiet private process. We are not going to invite your neighbors to take the witness stand and say what they witnessed your spouse do. We are not going to have hearing after hearing interrupted by deposition and the discovery process then calling in private investigators to show their findings. A court contested divorce can take from 12 to 48 months to conclude. Legal bill can range from $50,000 to $500,000++.

Why go to Court and see the Judge, take the witness stand, worry about perjury, false acquisitions, many days of appearances, nothing accomplished very fast.

Judge holding gavel in courtroom



Mediation can conclude with a comprehensive agreement in 4 hours. For most people this will take a full day. Then it is finished done and over, though documents will have to be filed with the Court and a state prescribed waiting period will have to expire before the divorce becomes final.

Mediation is the civilized way to complete a divorce


We are not going to jump into this cold. We have a prescribed order in which the days events will unfold. We will start with you completing a mountain of documents and sending them to us 5 days before the mediation day and time. On mediation day we will go over with you the 9 signals of divorce and come to the conclusion, with you, that divorce is the only option and the next best step to take in your life.

When there is a conclusion reached that you want to proceed then we will show you how your states legal system and the courts use a mathematical approach to how you divide your property, settle claims of support, child custody and other housekeeping matters needed for your marital settlement agreement.

Use mediation to solve the issues, avoid excessive attorney’s fees and 48 months in court. During mediation we can have a meaningful discussion with some humor intertwined. We like to hold mediation sessions near the beach and Pacific Ocean in a comfortable environment.

When the parties are willing the divorce agreement, marital settlement agreement outlines can be completed in 4 hours, in some cases. Why pay $50,000 or more and be tied up in Court for 48 months?

Why put your children through a long, drawn out emotionally painful divorce and watch them suffer the long-term mental effects of a long, drawn out, contested divorce??

Mediation is a lower cost approach to divorce without all of the scrutiny, judgements and embarrassment that a contested divorce may offer.

The Mediator

The mediator will be in charge and provide leadership and guidance throughout the process. This will not be a confrontation with your spouse. We will all work together to solve the issues.

If you have a controlling spouse, that spouse will not be in control of this meeting! We expect mature, adult behavior throughout the process, otherwise you will get a yellow card!

Mediation is done in a comfortable environment without lawyers or family members. Leave the dog, cat and mother in law home. Just 2 divorcing spouses and 1 mediator total 3 people! The Mediator will explain in detail the process, the objective and the pathway to settlement.

When the mediation exercises are complete then lawyers you designate will draft the legal settlement agreement which you can share with your advisors before signing and agreeing to the settlement.

We use facts, figures and humor to guide you through the process. The mediator will help you through the sticking points and you will reach an outline toward settlement within hours, not month or years.