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Civil proceedings financial disputes mediation instead of court

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Mediation Expectation

Warmly we welcome you to Successful Mediation Services, a professional approach to divorce mediation. We can help you through the process and help make it a pleasant experience. We have a targeted goal of a successful outcome.

Mediation works when the parties cooperate. Mediation is a process using mature adult communication skills in a peaceful tone with the mediator/leader helping divorcing spouses reach an agreement they can both accept.

More couples are turning to mediation for divorce to avoid the cost and the painful nature of litigated divorce.

Come Meet the Author

We know that you will succeed because our lead mediator is the author of the books:

“Money and Marriage-Making it work Together”

“Money and Marriage-For Engaged Couples”

We can meet in a city near you. We like to work with people in or near their own environment or as an alternative you can come to our headquarters, Santa Barbara, where there is 21 miles of coastline to walk while settling your issues. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to the point. Let us use the facts and leave the emotional drama behind. Divorce is a difficult and sensitive process. We understand the emotional toll this can take on a divorcing couple. Grief, loss, rage, numbness, mental paralysis, panic, fear, feeling vulnerable, lost and without direction. Worry about the new future ahead. We can make this fun and exciting rather than painful and depressing. We enjoy using humor during the process as an ointment to soothe the wounds.

Why not have a mediator and host that understands the process and your feelings as well as your emotional needs?

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Send us a message about the services you need and we will have a staff member give you a call. Give us a general overview of the issue or problem that you are experiencing.